Silver Screen Kisses

I really enjoyed this collection of stories inspired by favorite movies. The first story My Fair Lacey is inspired by one of my favorite plays My Fair Lady. Lacey wants to run her own restaurant but her way of speaking does not give the impression of a capable business owner. Garrett, her roommates brother, offers to teach her how to speak properly and to help her dress more professionally. Lacey starts to fall in love with Garrett but she wonders if he will ever see her as anything more than a project.
You’ve Got Mail is about Maria and Bret. They have been communicating for months through a dating website and have become good friends. Bret wants to meet Maria in person and when they arrange to meet up he realizes that he already knows Maria. He has always admired her beauty and her hard work. Will they become more than friends?
The Princess Bride of Riodan is about vivacious Elise and a mysterious stranger Wesley who turns about to be a prince. Elise loves to talk and Wesley loves to hear her talk. He likes her refreshing honesty and big heart. When a picture shows up of the two of them will Wesley believe Elise had nothing to do with it or will he walk away?
My Best Man’s Wedding is about Jessica Porter who made a deal with her high school friend that if they weren’t married by thirty they would marry each other. Then she gets a call and finds out he is getting married in less than two weeks. Gentry, Jessica’s co worker, volunteers to be her fake fiancé to make Josh jealous. Jessica ends up liking Josh’s fiancé and realizes that she has strong feelings for Gentry. Will she be able to fix the mess she has caused?
While you were skiing is about Mia and Ryder. Mia secretly has a crush on Ryder. When he has a skiing accident and claims she is his fiancé, Mia finds herself going along with it. The more time she spends with him the more she loves him. Will she become his fiancé for real?
Great collection of stories. I highly recommend it.


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