The Rise of Miss Notley

I loved this book! I started reading it and could not put it down. Miss Cora Notley is a gem. She has been raised by wealthy parents who are not part of the gentry but very much want to be by any means possible. She is very embarrassed by their conduct. When Cora finds out her parents are arranging to marry her off to an odious man in exchange for introduction to gentry, she runs to her friend Lady Harriet for help. She is sent to live with Lady Drayson’s mother and her husband. Cora hears about an opening for a head housekeeper at Tanglewood a neighboring estate and applies for it. While Cora is seriously lacking in head housekeeper skills, Mr Ludlow is charmed by Cora’s honesty and offers her the job. Cora has one mishap after another but in the meantime she has made friends with the staff and charmed Mr. Ludlow. Can Mr. Ludlow convince Cora to join regular society and quit being his housekeeper so he can court her?
This is a great book you will want to read. I highly recommend it!


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