Valentine’s Day Collection

I loved this collection of stories. I enjoyed all of them. The first one A Brush With The Law had me laughing out loud. Bethany’s day was one crazy struck of bad luck after another. This story has a sweet ending that makes up for all the horrible bad luck Bethany endures.
The second story Every Occasion is about Maurie and a childhood friend Grant. Maurie has moved back to town after 8 years and is setting up a gift basket store and trying to repair her childhood home into a livable condition. Grant is who she hires to repair her home and the two discover a romance that was in the beginning stages in their youth.
Next is Hold Your Breath. Kayla is training for the Olympic swim team and doesn’t want any distractions. When visiting her family she discovers her sister’s swim coach is a guy she had a crush on in high school. Nate wants to date her but Kayla is afraid he will distract her from her goal of swimming in the Olympics. Can Nate convince her he won’t be a distraction?
The Ultimate Bachelor Challenge is a fun story about life not turning out how you planned. Sam thinks her boyfriend is going to pop the question on Valentines. While in a laundromat at midnight Sam’s boyfriend gives her shocking news about his engagement to someone else. Then Sam gets help from another person at the laundromat and her night takes a different direction that she could ever imagine.
Deal Breakers is about college sweethearts who run into each other years later at an airport that is snowed in. Collette regrets breaking up with Drew in college. Will she get a second chance?
Hey Helen! was a sweet romance about best friends falling in love. Helen writes a column for the paper. Neil wants to take the friendship to something more but he doesn’t know how to tell Helen this. He writes in to her advice column and uses her advice to tell her he loves her on Valentines.


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