A Season in London

I really enjoyed these three stories. The first one Poor Relations by Elizabeth Johns was a good story but it felt like it had a few holes in the story line. Emma was in London to find a husband because her family was now penniless after losing her father and her brother. She meets Colonel Shelton and a few days later is married to him. There is a mystery surrounding her cousin’s gentlemen friend and Emma’s brother. I felt like this was meant to be a more fleshed out story and a lot was cut out or left out to make it into a novella length story.
The second one Edward and Emily was wonderful. The two had grown up as neighbors but Edward was more interested in books than in running around with the neighbors. Now grown up Edward has lost his older brother in a tragic accident and must return home and run the family estate. Emily has lost her father and must accompany her aunt and cousin in London for the upcoming season. Edward and Emily write each other letters over the season and become close. Then Emily asks Edward to come to London to help her out. Will Edward and Emily become more than friends?
The last story A Sporting Season was so fun to read. Daphne is determine to make it so no one will court her in her first and hopefully only London season. James enjoys Daphne’s antics from the beginning and can’t help but want to be around her. Daphne tries to do everything she can to discourage him but he enjoys it all and can’t wait to see what she will surprise him with next. Daphne is dismayed when she begins to enjoy his company. Will James win her over or will she scare him off?


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