No End To Love by Roberta Capizzi

How do you get over losing a love of a lifetime? Adam lost his wife and best friend since grade school in a bank robbery gone wrong. He not only suffers from the terrible lost, he also blames himself for her death. Hannah makes him promise with her dying breath that he will take care of Sophie their daughter but also that he will remarry again someday. Adam promises her this but does not plan on keeping his promise. How can he possibly love another woman? He has only ever loved Hannah.
Ellie has lost both her parents to tragic deaths. Her twin brother is in Afghanistan. She just lost her beloved job due to a man she trusted and thought loved her. She is done with men. She moves to Spring Harbor to start over.
Adam and Ellie are neighbors. The two start to get to know each other because of their proximity to each other and because Ellie is Sophie’s preschool teacher. Ellie feels an instant spark when she first meets Adam. She fights it because she knows he is still not over the loss of his wife and probably never will be. Adam is buried in his grief when he first meets Ellie but she slowly helps him out of it as their friendship develops.
Can Adam really love again or is Ellie headed for another heartbreak?
This is a beautiful story about how love both family and true love can help heal wounds and bring joy to life.


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