The Reformer

There were things I really liked about this book and other things that were a little off for me. I have read all of the matchmaker books and I loved Pearl’s role in this book. Some of the books she only makes a slight appearance. This book she has a big role and you get to see her in action. I really liked Mary. I liked how she grew in the book to become a strong person. I wasn’t sure about Neil Murray at first but liked him more as the book went on. The aunt and the father frustrated me. I wasn’t too fond of the mother when she made an appearance. I also didn’t really care for Samuel Brown. He was a luke warm character that seemed to only care about himself and reformation. I thought the history was interesting but a bit confusing in some parts. There were some inappropriate parts to the book that I didn’t feel further along the story and could have been left out. Overall it was an okay book for me. I liked it but wouldn’t read it again.


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