The Healer Series

I had a hard time putting this book down once I started to read it. It has gods, prophecies, evil and good, some adventures and romance. The pacing is good and the storyline engaging. Hope has the ability to heal others which she has kept hidden because her father is worried she would be in danger if her special gift was discovered. Then 2 new boys show up at her high school. Hope feels a pull to Tie but is fighting it. She feels a strong friendship to Victor. Then strange things start to happen to Hope and her friend Angie and they discover that things aren’t what they thought they were. Why does Hooe have healing gift and his does Tie and Victor know her?
In the second book Hope is now in a dream state remembering what happened in her formal life. In this book, the reader is taken to ancient Japan to a magical Kingdom. The reader learns about the healer and how she wants to be loved for herself and not just for who she is to become. Mikomi secretly uses her healing power to help others. She heals the commander of the rebels and makes a new friend. She also starts to help the rebels fight against her father’s evil. In this book, she is introduced to 2 gods. Katsu who is who she is prophesied to marry and Musubi who she starts to love. Will she be able to marry who she wishes or will she be controlled by a prophecy?
The third book continues with Hope is a dream state remember her previous life. Hope is falling in love with Musubi more each day. Katsu loves Mikomi but he is so focused on healing the veil that he fails to see that he only sees her as the healer and not as Mikomi. The battle continues between the empire and the rebels. By the end of this book Hopes memory is back and she now understands what is going on. I can’t wait until the next book comes out to find out how the veil will be healed and what the prophecy really


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