Courting the Countess

Donna Hatch is a favorite author of mine and regency books are some of my favorites. I was excited when I saw Donna Hatch had a new book out. Elizabeth has been physically abused by her mother and told that most of what she does is wrong. This treatment leaves her craving love and acceptance. When Tristan Barrett comes along Elizabeth is taken in by his attention and charm. She is very naive and does not realize the consequence of her actions until she is caught in a comprising embrace. Elizabeth’s brother challenges Tristan to a duel. Richard, Tristan’s older brother, intervenes trying to stop the duel and the only solution Elizabeth’s father would agree to is if Richard would marry Elizabeth. Elizabeth believes her and Tristan are in love and Richard has always planned on marrying his childhood friend Leticia Wentworth. Can the two find love with each other when they think they are in love with other people? Can Richard get over trust issues left from his mother leaving when he was a child? Will Elizabeth blossom when she is no longer under her abusive mothers thumb?
I really liked both Elizabeth and Richard. Elizabeth was a survivor who shoulder on even when she felt lonely and abandoned. She was very kind to others misfortune. Richard was a true gentleman and was very protective of those in his care. I was a bit frustrated from time to time of Elizabeth and Richard misconceptions. Overall I enjoyed the story and was very happy with the book by the end.


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