A Country Christmas


I was very excited for this collection of stories. The three authors of these stories are some of my favorite authors. The first story Saints and Sinners is about Neville and his good friend Eloise. Neville only sees Eloise as his childhood playmate. He has not noticed she has grown into a beautiful and poised woman. He just thinks that he likes to have her around because he enjoys her company. Eloise is very much in love with Neville and is trying to get him to notice her. Burke, Neville’s friend, has definitely noticed Eloise. When Burke starts to pursue Eloise, Neville discovers thathe is not happy about it. Will Neville open his eyes to the possibility that Eloise is so much more than a childhood friend?
The Christmas Angle was my favorite. I really liked all three stories but I loved Christmas Angle. Carla Kelly creates characters that are so unique but so real that once you start reading you can’t put the book down. Master Able Six is just surviving on half pay until war starts again and he is back on the seas with the Royal Navy. Then an opportunity comes to earn some money teaching 2 young boys. Able takes the opportunity and while tutoring the young boys he meets their aunt Meridee. Able can’t take his eyes off Meridee when he meets her. Able has a special ability of remembering everything he reads and sees. Meridee discovers this ability and encourages Able. Meridee and Able are from different social classes. Will they be able to find a way for them to be together?
The last story The Perfect Christmas brings back characters the reader has meet before in Spring in Hyde Park collection. Jonathan and Maryann find love in A Happy Accident. The Perfect Christmas is 9 months later and Archy,Jonathan’s friend, is trying to plan the perfect Christmas because Jonathan and his mother are still mourning the loss of Jonathan’s father and Jane,Maryann’s sister, has not experienced a good Christmas in years. Archy has fallen in love with Jane and wants to propose to her after he gives her the perfect Christmas. The events leading up to Christmas don’t turn out how Archy has planned but they are exactly what the group needed. Will it be a perfect Christmas after all?
I read these stories in one day because I could not put the book down. If you enjoy a good Christmas story and love the regency era this book is a must!


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