Since You’ve Been Gone

This book goes slowly at first as it sets up the setting of this story. I feel like this helps the reader really feel the loss that Olivia is feeling. Olivia is reeling from the loss of her fiancé dieing in a car accident on their wedding day. Later she discovers that he was driving in the opposite direction with a baby gift in his back seat. His tux was also in the back seat and he had told his friends that he would be there. So what was he doing? This question haunts Olivia. Was everything they had together an illusion? Olivia is not sure she wants to know. This book explores the concept of whether one is helping or harming another when one hides the truth in the name of sheltering someone from pain. Olivia goes through a very trying time and the reader goes through it with her. I liked Olivia’s growth throughout the story. I enjoy a story where a person is faced with trials but instead of letting those trials ruin him/her he/she grows and learns from the experience.


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