Stormy Kisses

This is a fun collection of novellas. The first one Love Right is about Corie who has been disappointed in love and has used numbers to help others find the right guy. She has written this concept up in a book called Love Right. She has an interview about the book on national television in New York in a few days. In the meantime her best friend and roommates convinces her to go to a Singles week in Colorado where she meets a guy she vaguely knew from high school. When the two are fighting for survival against a fierce mountain storm she realizes she might have misjudged him.
Waves of Deceit is a fast paced thriller. Shelby and Wade were sweethearts in college but have parted ways when Wade found out Shelby’s father was rich. Now the two are working together on a project on a private island. When the two are running for their lives from those who would use Shelby to get at her dad, they discover that maybe there is a future for them after all.
Secrets in the Storm is another Jeremy and Christy novella. This one starts off not long after the last one ended. The two are still trying to sneak in a romantic day alone when they come across a terrorist plot in Canada. They find themselves in the middle of it fighting the terrorist and trying to save lives.
Back to You is about Zara and Trevor. They were best friends until Trevor moved away at 13. Trevor is back trying to figure out who is stealing from his outdoor recreation company. He is pretending to be a regular worker when he meets up with Zara again. Zara is dealing with the stress of a mother with Alzheimer’s and find solace with Trevor. The friendship starts again with a lot more chemistry this time.
Twisters and textbooks is about Lauren and her old high school sweetheart Tanner. Lauren’s parents died in an accident caused by a tornado right before she graduated from high school. Lauren left everything and everyone she knows behind because she was not able to deal with the pain of her parents deaths. Now she is back and the love between her and Tanner is still there. Can Lauren deal with the last so that she can have a future with Tanner?
The last one Zoey’s place has a character in it from another one of Rachel Braton’s books. Zoey is working at Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary. She is very attracted to her co worker Declan. The two work together to secure the animals in the sanctuary against a fierce storm and then go looking for Zoey’s sister Bianca in the storm. Zoey and Declan start to learn each other’s secrets. Can a relationship grow between them?
I enjoyed each novella and it was fun to see characters from other stories by these authors.


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