Blind date collection

I love this collection of stories that start with a blind date. Blind dates are always the dreaded date. In all 6 of these stories, the dates are a start of something wonderful. Each story is completely different. The first 3 are set in earlier time periods and the last 3 modern day. This collection had some of my favorite authors so I was excited to read it.
The promise Katy Did is about Katy and Barrett. Katy is alone in the world after losing her elderly friend Sue Ellen. When an old beau of Sue Ellen shows up, the two decided to match up Katy and Mr. Balmer’s grandson Barrett. Barrett takes Katy to a town dance. The two are able to talk easily and become fast friends. Will this date lead to something more? I liked this story but I wish there was more to it.
A Lady of Sense is about Eleanor and Peter. When Eleanor parents inform her that Mr Broadstead would be her intended, Eleanor frantically tries to find a way to escape this fate. Peter is brought into the mix by Eleanor’s dad. Peter might save Eleanor but she likes him too much to misuse him. Can Peter figure out a way to help Eleanor that won’t be a forced marriage? This is another great story by Sarah Eden one of my favorite authors.
A Second Chance is about Virigina and Max. Virigina’s husband cheated on her and then divorced her leaving her a social outcast raising her son on her own. Virginia is saved by her best friend Millie. While living with Millie and her husband, Virginia meets Max. There is an instant connection but Virginia is afraid to trust again. Can Virginia follow her heart to a promising future? This is a sweet story about finding love after heartbreak.
Braelynn’s Blind Date is about Braelynn and Nathan. Braelynn is supposed to go on a blind date with Tyler but mistakes Nathan for Tyler and Nathan is not able to tell her the truth. When Braelynn finds out the deception she is angry. Her and Nathan end of working together and Braelynn fights her attraction to Nathan until Nathan leaves. Has Braelynn’s stubbornness cost her the love of her life. Victorine Liske is another favorite author and delivers another great story.
Bianca’s Hope is about Bianca and Stephen. Bianca goes to Stephen for legal help and is told her case is hopeless. Bianca storms out and hopes to never see Stephen again. Then she is set up on a blind date by her sister Zoey. Stephen ends up being her blind date. The two after some misunderstandings start to work together to fix Bianca’s problem and a romance develops along the way. This book has characters from another book by Rachel Branton. It was fun to see more about these characters.
The last book is Blind Spot is about Maria and Paolo. Maria has always been fascinated with with princesses. She decided to get her extra schooling from a country Monterra that is full of princes. After some awful blind dates, Maria decides to give up her search for a prince. Her roommate Tessa sets her up on a blind date with her brother Paolo. Maria realizes that what she has always wanted has been right in front of her all along. I love everything every written by Sariah Wilson!


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