Kisses Between the Lines

This is a great collection of novellas based in a fictional town named Echo Ridge. All the stories have something to do with the library fundraiser that the town is doing. The first one The Kiss Thief is about Brittany Klein who is the head librarian. She was teased and ridiculed as a child for her German heritage so she tries to hide it. Milo Geissler is the local piano tuner and a gifted musician and very German. He has been interested in Britta from the beginning and Britta feels an attraction towards him too but she fights it because of his obvious German heritage. Milo comes to Britta’s rescue a few times and Britta’s heart starts to soften towards him. Can Britta see past childhood experiences to find a love of a lifetime?
The next story The Lion, The Library is about Jennifer and Kirk. Jennifer wants to be more than just Kirk’s best friend. Bay Barrington a movie star that Kirk has been obsessed with comes to town and the two start to date. Jennifer must decide whether to fight for Kirk or let him go and move on. Will Kirk open his eyes and see that his best friend can be so much more?
The Last of the Gentlemen is about Emma Turner a single mom who is struggling to make ends meet and her son’s lacrosse coach Chayton. Emma lost her first husband to death and went through a bad divorce with her second abusive husband. She has given up on happily ever after and is just trying to take care of her 3 children. Chayton admires Emma’s beauty and her strength. He can’t help but love her children too. Will Emma let Chayton help her see that she has a chance at love and a complete family?
Much Ado about a kiss is about Fay who owns the town’s main restaurant and her brother’s best friend Austin. Fay and Austin shared a kiss in high school which Fay thinks was a prank. Austin was interested in Fay in high school and as he spends time with her again discovers he is still very interested in her. Will Fay be able to clearly see the past and realize what her future can be like?
The last one Pride and Persuasion is about Lindy who has come to town to help her cousin and Armand a famous French author who has been roped into a reading that will be part of the library fundraiser. Lindy has a had a prior experience with Armand and thinks he is egotistical author. When Armand helps Lindy set up her cousin’s shop she sees another side to Armand. What is Armand really like and why does he keep cancelling on readings? When Lindy finds out will she be able to help Armand and the library?


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