Just a Kiss in the Moonlight

I loved this book! I have always thought the southern accent was charming. Taylin is a sweet southern girl and I could hear her charming accent through the pages of this book. Taylin was an amazing character. She was sweet and gentle but was not a pushover. I liked Luke in some parts of the book and not so much in others. I loved that Taylin would not shy away from asking Luke tough questions. She was patient with him yet very direct. I liked that Luke was human and made mistakes but I was frustrated with him when he kept pushing Taylin away based on mistakes he had made in the past. The bond between Taylin and her twin sister Ashlee was fun to read. I also liked seeing Addie and Chase from a previous book. The chemistry between Taylin and Luke was one of my favorite parts of the book. Cindy Roland Andersen writes amazing romance where you feel the connection between the two and the steam without blushing because the romance got too steamy. I love a good clean romance! I can’t wait for the next book about Ashlee.


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