Between Heaven and Earth

I have read all of Michelle Paige Holmes books and when I saw she was going to have a book in the matchmaker series I was excited to read it. I have been really impressed with the matchmaker series. Each book so far has been exceptional. Between Heaven and Earth is a emotional love story. Cassie and Devon were high school sweethearts. They dated all through college and married as soon as Cassie finished her under grad schooling. They were madly in love had planned on being together forever. Then Devon is injured in the line of duty. When he comes out of a coma, he is in a vegetative state where he is alive but unresponsive. Cassie visits him every Friday for 6 years and has put her life on hold waiting for Devon to wake up. Matt loses his wife Jenna when she suffers a fatal aneurysm. He is struggling to take care of his 2 young boys when he meets Cassie. Cassie helps Matt understand his boys and Matt helps Cassie with some overdue repairs. The two build a friendship and their boys become best friends. Pearl shows up one night when Cassie is visiting Devon and tells Cassie that she needs to tell Devon that it is okay to move on. She says Cassie’s love in holding him to the earth where he is not happy living the way he is. This makes Cassie very angry. She feels as long as there is hope she can’t let go. Will Cassie be able to let go? Will Cassie and Matt be able to build a new life together? This is a beautifully written love story that tugs at the heart. I laughed and cried reading this book.


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