Beyond the rising tide

Wow! This book grabbed me from the first page and I had a hard time putting it down to get done what I needed to. This book is about two 17 yr olds. Avery and Kai meet one stormy winter day when Kai jumps in to save Avery from drowning and ends up losing his own life in the process. He visits earth often after his death and sees that Avery is still struggling with what happened that day he died. Kai breaks rule after rule to come back in a real body to help Avery heal and move on. Avery can’t seem to get over that a boy lost his life to save hers. She feels unworthy to enjoy life. Avery’s mother has separated from the family because of her maniac depression and Avery is trying to help her mother too. This book is well written with great characters who are facing real life problems. The love story is well developed and stays sweet and clean. This is a great YA book that I would recommend to my own teens.


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