Royal Games

I was excited to read this book the minute I discovered it was going to be about Rafe and Genesis. I was fascinated with Rafe from the first book Royal Date. He was the quiet and serious brother. Then when I read Royal Chase and meet Genesis and learned that Rafe had been doubling as Dante in part of the Marry me show, I wanted to read it even more to find out what will happen between the two. The book starts out with Genesis back in her hometown recovering from discovering Rafe had lied to her while they were both on the show Marry me. Genesis finds out Rafe has rented their guest house for a year which they desperately need income from renting it. Genesis is determined she will not forgive Rafe for lying to her and embarrassing her on TV. Rafe wins everyone in Genesis’s life over with his charm and generosity. Rafe helps with the daily chores, takes Aunt Sylvia places she needs to go, helps on community committees, and saves the local industry. I was a bit frustrated with Genesis’s anger and that she would not even let Rafe explained why he deceived her. I understood more after the reader is given Genesis’s background but still felt liked she was being unreasonable. I was also frustrated with her extreme independence. Rafe was trying to protect her and she would complain that he was trying to control her. Luckily Genesis had very wise people in her life who she would listen to. Will Rafe and Genesis get their happily ever after?


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