With this ring

I loved this collection of stories. The first one The Husband Maneuver is about a ranch foreman and the boss’s daughter. Marietta has been in love with her father’s ranch foreman Daniel right from the start. He is leaving the ranch to start his own homestead. Marietta is afraid if Daniel leaves she will have lost her chance at getting him to fall in love with her. This novella is amusing and heartwarming.
The second one Her Dearly Unintended is about a young women who has been left home to take care of her homestead while her parents had to leave town. Josiah, a young man who up until a year or two ago was her best friend, gets stranded by a storm on her property. Then another unexpected visitor shows up and the two must pretend to be married to stay safe. This is a cute story about misunderstandings and first loves.
Runaway Bride is about a young women whose father is forcing her to marry an evil man to escape his gambling debts. John Conroy is a texas ranger sent to help Carrie escape. This story is about the bond of friendships built in trials and helping each other out.
Engaging the Competition is about a young women and a young man who knew each other as children but see each other as rivals. Then the two are forced to work together due to circumstances and find that they make a good pair.
This a great collection of novellas by some of my favorite authors. I highly recommend this book.


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