The matchup

This is the story of second chances. Gage and Valerie know each other from when they were younger. The two meet up again years later both suffering from failed marriages. Valerie is struggling with raising her young autistic son. She feels very alienated by people who do not understand her son and his needs. Gage has just gain full custody of his son after his exwife’s untimely death. He does not know what to do with his son who he has only spent time with on short weekends. The two end up helping each other out and in the process a relationship between them grows.
I enjoyed reading about the realistic challenges a parent faces with an austitic child. I loved how the story involved from friendship into love and how Gage wasn’t perfect but the process he went through make him perfect for Valerie. I was half way through the book before I realized I had read Gage’s brother Pierce’s story in Pierced by Love another great book by Laura Walker. I enjoyed reading this book and loved it’s message. I would highly recommend it to others. Thank you for a great book Laura Walker and please keep writing.


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