The captive

This is a fast paced military adventure book with some romance. Mya has lived in Canada with her mother since she was 12. Her father sent them away because his job was too dangerous and he wanted to protect his family against it. Mya lost her mother to cancer 6 months before the story starts and is feeling all alone. She finds out her half sister has been kidnapped and she is determined to do whatever she needs to do to save her.
Jake has left the Navy SEALS to a safer job of homeland security so he can be there for his foster sister through a difficult time. When he is called to head a special mission for the UN, he is pulled back into the world of secret missions and dangerous situations.
Jake and Mya clash at first. The more time they spend together the more the attraction between them builds and the walls around their hearts comes down.
This was an exciting read and I have already preordered the next book.

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