Chasing Fireflies

I loved this book! I have really liked all the matchmaker books so far but I was a little skeptical about this one. I had read a few of Taylor Deans books and thought they were simple and only okay. Savannah is shy and not comfortable standing out in a crowd. She likes to go unnoticed. Savannah decides to go teach English in China after losing both her parents in a short time and after her mom tells her to go and live her life to the fullest. Savannah meet Miss Pearl at a young age and was told she would find true happiness with Paul. She has dated many Pauls over the years but have only experienced heartbreak. Julian is part owner of a restaurant that the American teachers eat at every night. Julian seems to see Savannah from the beginning and she no longer feels invisible. Savannah feels very comfortable around Julian and the two can converse easily for hours. Will Savannah continue to search for Paul or will she follow what her tells her about Julian?


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