Sweet Montana Brides collection

I was introduced to Allie in the Montana Witness protection books as a secondary character. In this first book you get to know her and her daughters better. I thought Allie was a very real life character. She had her flaws and insecurity. She was trying to be a good mom but was not willing to let her girls grow up and make their own mistakes. Braden is a great guy. He loves Allie. She helps her understand her daughter Paige better. I was frustrated with Braden for not fighting for Allie when they were younger because he was by far the better guy for her. I was also irrated with Allie for picking Terrance over Braden to marry when Terrance was a jerk. Her reasoning for picking Terrance did not make sense to me.
The second book is about Candice and Logan an estranged couple after suffering through infertility and a failed adoption. Candice is ready to call it over but Logan is not willing to give up on his love for Claire. He starts to court her and tries to revive their love. It was a bit steamy but I thought it stayed completely appropriate. I even felt like I learned some new tips on communication in marriage. All three books are great and I highly recommend them.
When I read about Bree in Braden and Ali’s story I wanted to know more about her. I also wanted to know what would happen when her stalker got out of jail. I really liked Greyson. I liked that he had noticed and like Bree since grade school. I liked that he was a protector. I found it interesting that Bree had misjudged Greyson because she was going off preconceived stereotypes. It was interesting to learn about how Bree’s stalker came about. I loved descriptions of the orchard where Bree and Greyson were hiding. It made me want to take a visit to Oregon.


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