Summer House Party

I love these collections of novellas. This one was a great as the others. The first story An Engagement of Convenience by Regina Scott is about Kitty Chapworth and Quentin Adair. Kitty has been her cousins’ chaperone for the last ten years. She has helped all but the last one find successful marriages. Kitty has no hope of marriage and family for herself since she’s just a poor relation. Quentin is trying to stop Kitty’s uncle from ruining his sugar plantation’s business. He proposes an engagement of convenience. Kitty agrees to it. Will the engagement of convenience become a real engagement?
The next story A Perfect Match is a prequel to Donna Hatch’s book A Perfect Secret. In this story we discover how Christian and Genevieve first meet and fall in love. I loved reading this because I felt like I was missing part of the story in the book A Perfect Secret. This story gives the much needed back ground story of their love.
The last story The Pauper’s House Party is a story that continues off a novella called A Friend Indeed that is in Sarah Eden’s British Isle Collection. This story is about Caroline’s brothers Edward and Tom. They are invited to a house party where they are told that someone at the party will inherit the estate where the party resides. Everybody at the party is in desperate need of the estate and the money it can bring. Edward and Tom both meet women there who they fall in love with but will the competition to win the estate tear them apart?
If you love regency books you will love these stories. All 3 are great!


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