Mail Order Bride

A great collection of novella. I have been a fan of the mail order bride stories so I was excited when I saw this collection. I loved it. Each story was good. They all have varying scenarios so it did not feel like the same story repeated over again.
Written in Her Heart is the story of a women that has loved a family friend for many years but he has only seen her as a little sister. Then she decides to advertise for a husband and it sets off a chain of events that leads to her happy ever after.
Wanted: Midwife is the story of a lady doctor who is being framed for murder by her ex husband. She flees to Wyoming to avoid imprisonment and becomes a mail order bride for a doctor looking for help and a companion. She is worried that because she is over qualified he won’t want her.
For Better or for Worse is about a young women who has nowhere to go so she decides to be a mail order bride. Her husband to be is looking for someone to help out with the work and some companionship. When the two meet they discover that they knew each other years ago in their youth. Will they be able to find love?
An inconvenient Bride is about an Italian women who emigrates to the US with her brother and his 2 boys. After her brother marries, Camilla feels compelled to become a mail order bride. When she arrives at her destinations she finds that the groom has died two days earlier and that she has been mislead on hs character. She stays with in town waiting for the next train and gets to know her intended’s brother. Is there still a chance for her to find her happily ever after?
The Price of Silver is about Katie who has lost everything after her Father was falsely accused and had no choice but to be a mail order bride. She is suppose to marry Jake but he has left to make his fortune at the silver mines. His brother Caleb and his mother take her in while she waits for Jake. Caleb and Katie fall in love. Will they be able to marry or will Katie marry Jake?
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